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Political Parodies For 2012

From pure protest songs to specific endorsements
and critcisms of various presidential candidates,
JJ continues his skillful reinterpretation of
musical iconography by applying pop megahits to
obscure messages.

Once a tree-hugging liberal hippie, JJ is
still that, but he's also a fiscally conservative, libertarian activist who uses song and humor to compel better solutions to social injustices.

LISTEN TO INTERVIEW - About the early stages and inspiration for the project, from The Corbett Report 7 Dec 2011 (46 min)

Goldstandard Cover
(Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey)

King Newt Cover
King Newt
(King Tut by Steve Martin)

Mr. Gingrich Cover
You're the Wrong One,
Mr. Gingrich

(from the Grinch soundtrack)

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Ron Paul, The Song COVER IMAGE
Ron Paul - The Downtown Song
(Downtown by Petula Clark)

Ron Paul - The Roxanne Song cover
Ron Paul -
The Roxanne Song
(Roxanne by The Police)

End the Fed in the Spirit of Johnny Cash
End the Fed,
In the Spirit of Johnny Cash
(Walk the Line)
Artwork by James Charles

May principle rule your life and the politics of the The United States of America!

In joyful activity,
JJ Jones

Raw Milk! Cover
Raw Milk!
In the Spirit of Frankie Laine


Ron Paul, The Downtown Song
Parody of "Downtown" written by Tony Hatch (1964)
New lyrics by JJ Jones
Produced and played by Steve Goodie, Pitch-Perfect Recording

When it's time to elect
A president who'll protect
Your precious liberty, vote -- Ron Paul
When you're uncertain
The economy's hurtin'
And the dollar's weak, vote -- Ron Paul

We all love Obama but he's really just the same
As every other candidate who promised he would change
Aren't we still at war?

Let's bring all the troops back home
And as for sovereign nations, let's leave 'em alone
and vote Ron Paul
He's really not that old -- Ron Paul!
He'd rather pay with gold -- Ron Paul
America really needs you!

Don't get confused
When silly people misuse
The word conservative for Ron Paul
He's totally hip
And lots of liberals flip
In the affirmative for Ron Paul

Sure he's a republican, but don't let labels fool ya
His whole philosophy is not to let the government rule ya
Now that's liberal!

Return to the constitution
OMG that's not short of a revolution for
Ron Paul
He'll open up the Fed -- Ron Paul
Drinkin raw milk at bed -- Ron Paul
America really needs you

He knows Americans can set a really good example
By showing the whole world how we can prosper and not trample
on basic freedoms

He'll march through the those DC gates
Wrestle the power from Sam and give it back to the States

Let's vote
Ron Paul
Get your butt off the chair
It's time to prove that you care
Wants you to keep you cash
Doesn't care if you're smokin' hash**
Slashing the income tax
Wielding the budget axe
He's done his part, now do yours!

** Actually, I'm sure Dr. Paul would prefer you did not abuse any drug,
but he certainly isn't going to support the government telling you
what to do with your own body!

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"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."
Johann Sebastian Bach

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